Buying a Dobermann requires proper preparation and often involves difficult decisions. These dogs are very sensitive and emotional, although with a strong temperament. They can be stubborn, overly independent, jealous, even possessive. They quickly get attached to their owners and enjoy spending every moment with them. When properly trained and taken care of, they are wonderful companions that don’t cause any unnecessary problems.


We are probably the first in Poland to specialise in raising puppies of this breed

Our approach is tailored individually to each dog, since we believe that every puppy is different and unique in its own way. We observe and raise the dogs with love, passion and energy. We care for them wholeheartedly and treat them as our own.

Behaviourists, trainers and nutritionists, who work with us, take care of the well-being of all our puppies, keeping in mind also your comfort and satisfaction. We know a variety of situations related to raising Dobermanns from our own experience. Each of us has their own canine friend, therefore, we consider ourselves practitioners. When working with puppies, we value high competence, intuition, effectiveness and discipline.


Our puppies are properly prepared for family life. We send them only to responsible homes, as we require consistency and commitment also on the part of the new owner.

For this purpose, we keep a daily activity folder for each puppy, which allows you to observe and control new skills. You also get a puppy layette set with their favourite all-natural treats, a dog bed and some necessary ​​accessories.

For us, the Dobermann is simply the most unique breed in the world.

We hope you find a true loyal friend among our lovely crowd.