Puppies from the breeders we work with are the outstanding representatives of their breed. Their parents regularly win in the show rings in Poland and abroad. They are healthy, regularly screened and free from any genetic diseases, since they come from the best long-lived European breeding lines. These well-born puppies deserve the best care and rearing. We start teaching puppies how to live in a family as soon as they are 8 weeks old. In particular, we take care of the well-being of our puppies by developing long-lasting methods to make them feel comfortable and safe in an unknown environment, among other people and dogs of different breeds. The training program is tailored individually to each puppy, in order to achieve the best results as fast as possible. A dog with the right set of skills knows which social strategy to choose if, for example, there is an unknown dog or a stranger to be avoided. As a result of our work, we get to know the puppies, we understand when and what makes them feel good, what helps them and what bothers them.


Doberman – puppies with pedigree

Dignified, respectable, strong, but also caring and loyal – undoubtedly each of these traits can be attributed to dobermans , but before they become energetic, elegant companions, they are small, cute puppies Doberman puppies is the thorough understanding of their temperament and individual needs to ensure their health, well-being and the possibility of establishing a lasting relationship with humans or other dogs.

Building trust between a Doberman puppy and a handler

We prepare Doberman puppies to make them feel at ease in their new home and become the best friends of their owners. These are dogs with pedigree , which are characterized by loyalty, affection, but also a strong temperament, which can be controlled only thanks to cooperation with them, and above all, understanding the character of a given puppy . This is what we put in the first place – we not only provide our Dobermans with comprehensive, professional care, but also teach their future owners how to get to know their new companion. We help build trust in the human-dog and dog-dog relationship, thanks to which the puppy will quickly become a member of your family.

Caring for Doberman puppies

Thanks to our extensive experience and many years of passion, we know perfectly well that proper care and upbringing of Doberman puppies is not easy. Therefore, in order to provide them with everything they need for proper development – both physical, mental and social – we cooperate with behaviorists, trainers and nutritionists. This makes our Doberman puppies to have an individually prepared nutritional plan as well as creative outdoor games. What’s more, we carefully look at the dogs’ behavior to prevent, for example, fights or other undesirable situations not only for the owner, but also for the pooch himself.

Layette for Dobermans and their new keepers

Our puppies breeds doberman are exceptional dogs that are very family, friendly, and at the same time strong and full of energy. However, their well-being requires not only proper education and care from the first months of life, but also a good, responsible home. Therefore, we will answer all your bothering questions, dispel all doubts and prepare a layette for puppy so that you can take care of the little Doberman in the right way from the very beginning. We are sure that one of our dogs will steal your heart and become an inseparable life companion. Please contact us!