Doberman training


Doberman training


We select high-class puppies from the renowned Tira Vento kennel

Puppies from this kennel are the outstanding representatives of their breed. Their parents regularly win in the show rings in Poland and abroad. They are healthy, regularly screened and free from any genetic diseases, since they come from the best long-lived European breeding lines.

We raise and socialise

We start teaching puppies how to live in a family as soon as they are 8 weeks old. In particular, we take care of the well-being of our puppies by developing long-lasting methods to make them feel comfortable and safe in an unknown environment, among other people and dogs of different breeds. The training program is tailored individually to each puppy, in order to achieve the best results as fast as possible. A dog with the right set of skills knows which social strategy to choose if, for example, there is an unknown dog or a stranger to be avoided. As a result of our work, we get to know the puppy, we understand when and what makes them feel good, what helps them and what is hard for them. We anticipate the way interactions develop and avoid encounters that may be harmful to dog’s emotional well-being.

We help to achieve balance in man-dog and dog-dog relations

When a dog is on a leash, especially in a city, many different interactions may take place. The leash, regardless of its length, restricts movements and forces the dog to follow the direction chosen by the owner. We will show you how to avoid stressing your dog out and losing its trust.

We are with our dogs, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally

We help our puppies when they ask for help, e.g. if they want to leave. We try to end stressful and risky situations as quickly as possible. We don’t trust what other dog owners say, because sometimes they are unaware of the threats. We focus on observing our puppies – they never lie.

We believe that prevention is the best treatment

Sometimes, what seems to be a puppy play, turns out to be a challenge, a provocation. Problematic situations may cause great discomfort to a dog. Therefore, we pay close attention to behaviours like chasing, biting, bumping into a carer, whimpering. We do not allow “fights”. The best way to achieve this is to prevent the meeting of several dogs from becoming too intense and too dangerous.

We take care of proper, well-balanced meals

Diet is one of the many important decisions a dog owner needs to make. There are lots of different types of dry and wet food currently available on the market, some people prefer home-cooked meals. That is why we work with nutrition experts. Therefore, every puppy staying with us gets a complete, well-balanced food that helps them develop properly.

We provide area for various activities

The right level of physical activity is a particularly important issue at every stage of a dog’s life. Dobermanns usually have a lot of energy that should be put to good use. Training a puppy requires patience, as it can be time- and cost-consuming. The right amount of exercise, professional education, creative games and engaging tasks build the foundation for a well-organised, peaceful life with your dog. We provide puppies with a sufficient amount of workout in comfortable conditions, as well as various types of creative games, exercises and play. These activities bring them joy and make them engage in the tasks we require.

We match the dog's temperament and personality with the suitable owner

Every puppy is different. It is not a “clean slate” – genes, socialisation and the conditions in which the puppy is raised play an important role. By observing puppies in everyday situations, we get to know what type of dog we are dealing with. We understand what is their temperament and character, what motivates them, what does not impress them, what are their strengths and weaknesses. This is very important, because the thoughtful and conscious choice of a puppy enables you to understand its personality. It allows you to continue raising your dog to develop his hidden talents and overcome his limitations.

We understand, even if the client does not understand

If you have any questions or objections in your mind – that’s great! For our team, it is an important sign of your commitment and willingness to work together with us in order to get the best results. We will respond, explain and help you understand everything if needed. We give support in every case, we offer help and advice to the future owners of our puppies.

We share our knowledge

Each puppy owner receives a set consisting of necessary information, videos and gadgets that will facilitate their future work with the dog.


We don’t do anything for the client if the problem is in him.

We don’t use incomprehensible terminology.

We don’t give the dog the one pill that solves all problems.

We don’t judge or assess our clients behaviour.

We don’t work for free.

Doberman training

Dobermans are very dignified, intelligent dogs with unique characters. They are famous for their extraordinary physical fitness, temperament and courage. Contrary to the prevailing opinion about inborn aggression, they are very affectionate and sensitive animals, they do not tolerate loneliness, they are sometimes jealous of their owner, and they feel best in the company of their closest people. With a doberman, life should follow established rules, so proper training and proper socialization from the very first days of life are very important. At Doberman Projekt we specialize in raising puppies of this breed. We are convinced that among our wonderful group you will find a well-mannered Doberman who will be a great friend and companion for the whole family.

What does Doberman training look like?

Dogs belonging to this breed are alert, energetic, engaged animals that require a lot of exercise. If they are given enough time and attention, working with people becomes their passion, and they themselves are calm, obedient and loyal.

The puppy period is the time when the dog’s character is shaped for life. Consistency is essential when starting training young Dobermans . These dogs learn very quickly. Their upbringing and socialization should be entrusted to specialists. In our kennel we treat dogs with love. We love them as much as we love them and we take proper care of them, ensuring the appropriate conditions for the development of puppies, both in terms of living conditions and mental health. We approach each dog individually, adjusting the training and socialization program to the character and needs of the dog. In order for the effects to be as fast and as good as possible, we start learning from the 8th week of life. We use proven methods and modern techniques of education, we conduct socialization classes combined with elements of obedience and fun.

Good man well behaved

The four-legged dogs we care for are well-mannered dogs that can perfectly master and control their temperament and are prepared for family life. From the first months of life, we build understanding and trust step by step, introduce them to new stimuli and places, familiarize them with people or other animals, and the condition, health and satisfaction of our puppies is ensured by experienced nutritionists, trainers and behaviorists.

Training Dobermans in professional breeding

Puppies from our kennel are taught socialization from the very beginning. We focus on observing animals while playing – we avoid situations in which dogs begin to compete with each other, getting ready to fight. Our doberman training activities are closely consulted with the behaviorist, so we can be sure that everything we do has a positive effect on the development of puppies. We run lessons on how to walk on a leash, we raise dogs from scratch, paying special attention to their development and contact with the handler.

Training for Doberman Dogs: Educational Training

Effective training of puppies is primarily related to the learning of the animal’s independence and proper socialization. We help dogs to establish relationships with other animals, we teach them appropriate behavior, while minimizing the stress caused by being in an unfamiliar environment. Doberman training mainly consists in building a relationship with the guardian, learning commands, listening to commands, as well as recognizing the tone of human voice. We adjust the training plan individually, which is why our classes are very effective. Please contact us!

We only release our puppies to responsible owners. We want them to always go to good hands, to a loving home. Each owner of dobermans receives a set of necessary information, videos, gadgets to facilitate future work with the dog and can count on the support of Doberman Project specialists. To meet the growing expectations of our customers, we also offer transport of dogs and run shop with organic, healthy food, specialized dietary supplements and various accessories that will be useful during training of pets.