We take care of the upbringing and socialisation of Dobermann puppies.

Many of them have already found their new homes. During the first couple of months we noticed that the decision to buy a puppy is often neither quick nor easy and making the final choice involves several visits. Usually, it takes more than one trip because you need to get to know your future canine companion: the behaviour, personality and habits. Apart from that, we often receive information that the person interested in buying a dog is from the other end of the country and simply does not have enough time to travel to Wrocław. 

To meet these expectations, we are the first in Poland to provide puppy transport service, delivered straight to the door of the potential owner.

doberman doberman-mobile

This is how we would like to help you to make a decision. Thanks to our service, you will be able to test the puppy’s behaviour in other conditions than its own, well-known territory.

You will see how the dog acts around new people in unfamiliar surroundings – you will find out about the reactions and personality of the chosen pooch. We will bring you the puppy at your request, so that you do not have to worry about organising and adjusting your schedule to us.

We want the dog to arrive happy and well-rested, despite the travelled miles.

The safety of the travelling animal is our priority. Therefore, we have taken care of the dogs’ comfort and all the legal aspects of the process: we hold Animal Transportation License issued by the Poviat Veterinary Inspectorate and we provide a technically efficient and well-adapted car for this purpose. 


We want the dog to arrive happy and well-rested, despite the travelled miles. Our offer is dedicated to people who are looking for ground transportation within the country and would like to make sure that their pets travel safely and very comfortably. Our aim is to make the journey as short as possible, while providing the appropriate number of stops along the way.

Would you like to?

  • Get to know your future pet?
  • Go for a walk with the puppy
  • Show the chosen dog to your whole family and decide together

but you do not have enough time to organise a trip to Wrocław?


100% of dedication and love to our dogs have evolved into

DOG TRANSPORT SERVICE straight to your door.


We strongly recommend that you give our service a try!